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In just a few short months, Oath has received amazing support from our community, and we can’t thank you enough. Our company is growing quickly, but we’re still hungry for more! That means we need funding and resources so we can bring Oath Oats to more places near you and keep launching new products.  

We decided to launch Oath on StartEngine, a crowdfunding platform where EVERYONE can become an owner in our company. In just a few weeks you’ll be able to invest in Oath via StartEngine for as little as $350 and we’re committed to growing your investment every step of the way.

You might be wondering what we need the money for? Here are our priorities for the next few months:  

  1. Make Oath Oats products more accessible. Whether you like shopping on Amazon or at your local grocery store, we want to meet you with our products where it’s easiest.
  1. Do more with oats. We have delicious recipes and new products ready to launch, you’ll never experience oats like this!  
  1. Ingredients matter. We’re continuously sourcing and working with producers that use the highest quality ingredients, this takes time and resources. 
  1. We hear you Canada. For our fellow Canadians, we want to bring Oath Oats to Canada as soon as possible, we get asked about this every single day.  

Invest in Oath Oats

For as little as $350 you can become an investor and help Oath Oats with fueling company growth, new product development, and retail placement.


Our community has been rocking with us since Day 1 and this is your chance to join us in our success. Invest in Oath to become a shareholder and let us grow your investment, one pantry at a time. Remember, we’re not live yet, but submit your contact information above to be notified as soon as we launch the fundraising campaign.

- Anu Naithani, Oath CEO

What our customers think of Oath

My new go-to favorite breakfast! Super easy to make up the night before and I know I always have a delicious and fast breakfast in the morning!

Chris A, Customer since March 2023

5 ⭐️. Strawberry flavor comes through with every bite. Delicious plain or as a topping on yogurt, oatmeal or ice cream. So Yum.

Salma M, Customer since December 2022

Favorite bars ever. Love the taste on all the 4 flavors. Kids love them too and they "request" a bar in their lunches daily!

Janelle M, Customer since March 2023

Quick & Yummy!! So easy to prep and take on the go! My new go-to breakfast. So tasty!!

Jade, Customer since March 2023